Single mother’s poverty after divorce

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Single mother’s poverty after divorce

Is it true that divorce is increasing?
Recently, the number of couples divorced is increasing! That’s half true and half lie.
The number of divorces has certainly been increasing year by year since the 1970s. However, it peaked around the early 2000s and is gradually decreasing.

You might wonder why divorce is decreasing, but what you should pay attention to here is not the number of divorces but the ratio of divorces to the number of marriages in the year.
In 2013, the number of marriages was approximately 663,000, and the number of divorces was approximately 231,000.
One group is divorced in three groups on the net! However, when comparing the number of marriages and divorce in 1970, 1995, and 2013, respectively,
• 1970: 9.3%
• 1995: 25.1%
• 2013: 35.9%
And you can see that it has increased significantly. The number of divorced people is increasing compared to newly married people.
Single mother and life pain

When a mother with a child decides to divorce, what is waiting is life as a single mother.
There are many people who have difficulty living because they are single mothers. Why is that?
I have to choose non-regular work
A child is young and that alone will limit the working hours of a single parent.
Even if you leave your full time in the nursery, you may find it difficult to work due to unexpected illness, injury, or call from the nursery.
There are many people who have to choose low-paying jobs such as part-time employees because their shoulders are narrow and they cannot continue full-time employees.
Only you are the one who sees the child
The fact that you are the only person who sees your child means that if you can’t see yourself, you need to pay someone to see it.
Versatile unlicensed nurseries, babysitters, sick childcare, etc. all involve high costs, but are essential services for the single mother process.
Preparations before deciding to divorce
If you get divorced in a hurry, you may not get out of your hardships. It is important to get divorced after preparing as much as possible.
How can I get as much compensation and childcare as possible?
In order to secure immediate living expenses, consolation fees and childcare expenses are indispensable. There are the following points to get as much as possible for a single yen.
• Apply for non-divorce notification: Apply at the government office so that the divorce notification is not submitted before the desired result is obtained.
• Collect evidence by swimming your opponent: Evidence is important to get rewards. If you make noise before the evidence is available, it can be hidden or run away.
• Don’t blame your opponent too much: Negotiating will be troublesome if you don’t want to pay
• Investigation of property: Property obtained after marriage is a common property. Let’s examine the location of the bankbook and the existence of real estate before starting a divorce
• Calculate and put on child support: The price of child support is relatively clear. The other party’s income and future education plans (private hopes and grades from junior high school, etc.) are written in advance, and the necessary expenses are calculated to prevent oversight.
Before you press the divorce, make sure you know how to request a reward. Here is an easy-to-understand explanation of the procedure for requesting compensation.
To get a good job after divorce
It is hard to find a place to find a job or a nursery school after divorce.
Except for DV, etc., get a job and get divorced in a nursery. Don’t forget to tell your employer that your divorce has been decided during the interview.
If you can afford it, you can get a qualification before divorce. Administrative and nursing qualifications are recommended for job hunting, and other than that, let’s look for things that are likely to work in areas of interest or interest.

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