Sexless is the reason for divorce! ?

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Sexless is the reason for divorce! ?


Sexless is the reason for divorce! ?
A couple who divorced because of sexlessness will keep track.
In some cases, the wife refuses sex, and in other cases, the husband does not ask the wife.
When this happens, it can be called a crisis for the couple.
Japanese civil law and trials regard marital sex as important.
When a partner asks for sex, he says he should not continue to refuse it for no good reason. What does that mean?

Let’s start with the definition of sexless.
What is sexless
Again, this is a review of “What does sexless mean and what does it mean?”
Sexless is defined by the Japanese Society of Sexual Sciences as “a couple who has not had sexual intercourse for a month or more without any special circumstances such as illness”. However, for convenience, “one of the couple wants to have sex but cannot do it for a long time” is generally called “sexless”
It is easy to imagine a relationship between men and women who have no sex, but it is not so, but it refers to couples (couples and lovers) who do not have sex for some reason when one wants.

Japanese couple sex
When I hear sexless, I’m worried about the number of times a couple other than myself is having sex.
There is a survey on the sexual life of a couple, performed by Bayer Yakuhin, a pharmaceutical manufacturer.
The question “How often do you have sex with your spouse?” Resulted in a couple’s average annual sex of 17 times.
However, the number of people who answered “I haven’t worked for more than a year” is one-third of the total, and this shows a tendency toward the polarization of “people who do” and “people who don’t”.
Sex frequency questionnaire with spouse
1. 33.9% not over a year
2.1 Once a month 15.6%
Once every 3.2 weeks 12.8%
4. Once a half year 10.2%
Once every 5.3 months 10.2%
6.1 Once a week 10.1%
Once every 7.1 years 3.4%
Once every 8.3 days 3.4%
9. Daily 0.5%
According to this data, there seems to be a tendency for couples to “separate” and “not to” sex.
Also, by age group, the number of sexes seems to decrease as the generation rises, and in the 60s, over 50% of people seem to realize that their couples are sexless.
Wife and husband worried about sexless
In many cases of divorce due to sexlessness, the pattern is that both the wife and husband ask for sex from the other party, but are rejected.
Most of the cases that my wife refuses are that she did not like sex so much.
Therefore, after a child is born, he will avoid or refuse his husband’s request.
On the other hand, there are cases where the husband does not ask the wife. In this case, the husband cannot see his wife as a woman.
Again, this tendency seems to be stronger after the child is born, and he will see his wife as a “mother” rather than a woman. For this reason, sex with his wife becomes obligatory and annoying.
You will also feel embarrassed about inviting your wife.
Sexless worried couple
In this way, childbirth seems to be one turning point in sexless for both wife and husband.
Other reasons for both men and women include:
Cheating partner was made
My husband (wife) unexpectedly had a favorite partner
I hated my husband and wife physiologically
Got sick
Became sexually disabled (ED)
The case is often asked.
Real voice of sexless person who thinks about divorce
In this way, when the number of sexes is reduced or it is not done at all, it also raises distrust in the other party.
Anxiety and dissatisfaction are amplified, such as “Is there a couple who has no sexual life…” or “Is it middle-aged or old?” And gradually, divorce seems to be realistic.

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