Power harassment for a wife’s child causes divorce. Custody is also likely to go to husband

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Power harassment for his wife’s children causes divorce. Custody is also likely to go to husband


Power harassment for children?
Excessive attention to children is dangerous.
Did you know that power harassment against children can cause divorce?

If excessive attention to children is deemed inappropriate for “welfare for children”, it is a serious act that is legally a reason for divorce.
A common case is a pattern in which the wife’s excessive attention to the child appears to be power harassment and the husband begins to divorce.
If you think about the future, you can see her husband’s feeling that she doesn’t want to leave trauma to her child.
But overwhelming wives often don’t realize it is overkill.

There should be an opportunity for the couple to discuss again before making a divorce decision.
Therefore, this time, let’s check the issues necessary to review the power harassment behavior from the perspective of children.
Excessive attention is the “Power Hara Reserve”. Let’s understand the boundary between education and power harassment
Child self-affirmation
The person who has a profound influence on the child’s spirit during childhood is the “parent or teacher”. It also means “mental stability” and “development”.
Simply put, bonds are deeply involved in the mental development of the child.
If the bond is broken or if the child feels so, it becomes a so-called trauma and is more likely to adversely affect growth. They lose their intelligence, spirit and judgment and become adults with a loss of self-affirmation.
A lack of self-affirmation can cause bullying and delinquency to others. Children who are masochistic are often refusal to attend school.
This is because the idea of ​​“I am not loved” or “I can’t help it” is engraved in my heart because I grew up with broken bonds in my childhood. It can also cause a lack of compassion and care.
Although not widely reported in the media, in fact, the number of parents arrested for “psychological abuse against children” has increased in recent years.
Although it is a field that is not easily established as a crime, because the welfare of children is now close-up, the response of the country is also being strengthened.
The boundary between education (discipline) and power harassment (mental abuse)
Then, how far does education become power harassment? It is a boundary that is not a discipline but a mental violence.
• Clearly threatening tone and language
• If you fail, ask the demons
• Excessive daily use
• Reject the intention of the child, and the parent decides arbitrarily
• Repeatedly dislikes hurting self-esteem
• Repeat remarks that make you lose confidence
• Ignore openly and take a ruthless attitude (shown)
• Give extreme penalties, such as not eating or playing
• Try to judge the way of being as a human being with a single point of “intelligence (scholastic ability)”
• Compare with siblings and other children
• Discriminate between superiority and inferiority with siblings
• Turn the cause of the problem to the child even though it is a problem for a couple or adult
• Either of the couple is doing DV for their husband or wife. The child is looking at that figure
• Show (show) to children, parental emotional ups and downs
The above is just an example, but be careful when these actions are made on a daily basis.
You may have lost your sense of self-affirmation and may be disgusted with yourself.
It becomes a trauma and appears as a complex.
Is your wife divorced by a power harassment? Summary
This time, I took up my wife as a theme, but of course the same can be said for my husband.
Even if the person who is careful thinks that it is education or discipline, from the child’s perspective, it may only be seen as an act that hurts fear and spirit.
However, I am not saying that it is correct, but I want to say that I need to adjust my candy and whip.
It may be difficult, but it is not easy for human beings to raise human beings, so it is natural that it is not easy.
What I want to say to the world’s husbands is, “Wouldn’t you leave your wife with childcare?”
Don’t forget to rethink each role before you decide to divorce your wife’s power harassment for your child.
Let’s be careful not to systemize only how to contact children no matter how modern the times are.

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