Marriage information For women, “Annual income”, for men “Age”

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Marriage information For women, “Annual income”, for men, “Age”

Can’t men gather at a marriage party? Changing marriage activities
In recent years, it seems that the number of men who are actively married is decreasing. Along with that, marriage activities are beginning to change.
Recently featured in the news feature, the number of men participating in the marriage party has begun to decline dramatically.

For the time being, the organizers are working hard to recruit men, but there are cases where male participants in the party do not gather one third of women.
, I was doing a special feature, “Among the front of the marriage hunting ant !? No man?” It seems that the man in the world has finally woken up. There still seems to be a large number of female wedding party users, but the number of male users is drastically decreasing. Special feature. For example, at a party, only 20 men gather for 63 women. It seems that this is the situation at each party at each company
Reasons why men do not gather at the marriage party

The reason why men cease to participate in the marriage party is often found in questionnaires on “images for marriage girls” conducted by certain women magazines for single men.
The top of the survey was
• Ideal looks high
• Seems older
• so severe on money
It is a thing.
In other words, it would be painful for men to just participate in a marriage party where a woman who was out of his “strike zone” would be appreciating themselves with an ideal that was too expensive.
Well, because the questionnaire is just a general image of single men for marriage girls, it is not always the case that everyone who participates in an marriage party is just the woman who has the image.
However, since it is true that men no longer participate in the marriage hunting party, it is true that there are many marriage hunting girls who are particular about their annual income and status.
Marriage requirements for men
So, it seems not to say that only women are self-governing about marriage. The conditions that men seek from their marriage partners, as surveyed by a marriage hunting site,
1st place “Age”
2nd place “Looks”
3rd place “personality”
And this is also a serious feeling for women.
The first “age” for men is to see if you can make a child to ask the other person for youth.
In addition, in the case of men, an increasing number of people are concerned about the occupation and annual income of women. This is because there are concerns about their financial strength in the future, and many people think that it will be manageable with double income.
The reality is that late marriage is progressing because the conditions required of both men and women, such as age, annual income, appearance, and educational background, are not at all met.
Is it more likely to search for the person who suits you?
The word “marriage” was named in 2007 in the magazine “AERA”. It can also be said that the mediator and bridal industry is becoming a business because of the marriage hunting boom.
However, there are not a few people who met at marriage hunting parties, marriage hunting websites, town kons, etc. Choosing the party or site that suits you is more important than anything else.
Marriage is not as good as the more you do it.
In the future, the aging society will continue to advance. Under such circumstances, it cannot be said that one person is good throughout life.
Having a partner as a marriage partner is powerful for life. But marriage is the timing.
If both men and women are simply aiming to get married, they can only find their opponents with their true earnest age.
It is to act positively with many opportunities to meet people with the power of the shoulders.
If you do so, I think that you will find a partner that suits you.

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