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I can’t quit taking a gander at these photos. This lovely youthful entertainer, Cobie Smulders, is a shocker without a lick of cosmetics all over, yet with somewhat additional shading and definition to a great extent – WOW; she turns out to be a particularly extraordinary mix of old Hollywood style and runway design star. I can envision her response while understanding this: she’d probably be making amusing crossed eyes and duck lip face at me for saying every one of these swoony things about her. That is the thing that causes me to love her so.

The primary focal point of this look is obviously the berry lip that I mixed for her to supplement the illustrious blue of her dress and her eye tone, but on the other hand it’s with regards to the dull lash line and surfers’ wave twist of her lashes, that takes it to a higher level.

This is what I did, so you can do it, as well:

1. I began with a face oil back rub to get her skin super glowy.

2. I invested energy twisting her lashes at the root, again and again, to truly get them as high as they could go.

3. I squeezed a straightforward robin’s egg blue shadow along her top and mixed it into the wrinkle.

4. I squeezed an extremely transparent champagne shimmery shadow into the edges of her eyes and under her base lash line

5. I covered her lashes in bright dark mascara multiple times, adding a couple of additional singular lashes to make it additional full. I invested additional energy characterizing her base lashes so they could be seen from far off.

6. I smeared dark liner into her upper lash line and between her lashes.

7. I squeezed dark shadow into her upper lash line on top of the dark liner.

8. I utilized an exceptionally sheer establishment to try and out her complexion.

9. I utilized an exceptionally pale highlighter to complement her cheekbones, extension of nose, and cupids bow.

10. I filled in her foreheads utilizing a cool earthy colored pencil.

11. I twirled somewhat of a pink smooth cheek tone onto the apples of her cheeks.

12. I blended a dark red and a splendid hot pink lipstick and shaded in her lips.

You can perceive how the smallest change in the picture takers handling or potentially lighting will bring about a completely unique cosmetics look. See the picture beneath, how red her lips show up, when, in actuality, they were substantially more of a rich berry tone. You’ll likewise see in the photograph beneath it looks like she’s wearing nothing on her cheeks, when you can unmistakably see from the photographs over, an extremely ruddy tint.

Much obliged for making my work so natural!

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