How much compensation can a husband claim for his wife’s affair?

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How much compensation can a husband claim for his wife’s affair?

How much compensation can a husband claim for his wife’s affair?
Is my bride an affair in the daytime?
Do you think that it has nothing to do with you?
Even if you think “Only my wife …”, I don’t really know what I do in the daytime.
As long as humans have emotions, I can’t say “absolutely”.
Of course, not all wives say so.
However, the series that I recently started watching is strangely real and I can’t think of anyone else.
Even if you hide your husband’s affair, you can’t hide it forever. However, is it still the essence of human beings who put their hands in dangerous love?

Well, what would you do if your wife had an affair?
Do you get divorced? Or do you forgive?
Some people think of consolation fees. If you are planning to receive a consolation fee for a divorce, how much can you charge? Is the reward worth the amount to heal mental shock?
Want to know how much you can claim for “comfort fee” due to your wife’s affair?
Basic concept of compensation
This is a divorce award, but this is the same as a traffic accident and is a “damage”. In other words, it is the same idea as the accident victim. It will be a compensation for the obstacle to the marriage.
The cause of this divorce is “wife’s affair”, so it is naturally recognized as “disturbed marriage”. However, when determining the amount of compensation, the other party’s income and position are involved, so it is difficult to predict even a rough estimate.
In most cases, consolation fees are discussed in court mediation. As a result, the results vary from home to home.
And ultimately, it’s up to the judge’s judgment, so you won’t be able to pass all of your words, and in some cases you will have to compromise.
Approximately 3 million yen is the divorce auction price

The consolation fee is the money that is paid as damages for those who have suffered mental distress, whose official name is “divorce cause consolation fee”.
However, not every divorce is incentive. Depending on the cause of the divorce, there may or may not be a reward.
• If the cause is “unfaithful”: ¥ 1-5 million. It will be determined after considering the number and duration of unfaithfulness and the circumstances.
• If the cause is “malicious abandonment”: ¥ 5-3 million. It will be determined after considering the period of separation, how it went, and the abandonment of financial responsibility such as not including living expenses.
• If the cause is “mental abuse, violence”… ¥ 5-5 million. Determined based on the state and continuity of psychosomatic abuse, the degree of injury and sequelae, etc.

What is the market price for consolation fees?

Unless the cause of divorce is so bad, around 3 million yen seems to be the market price for divorce awards.
However, if the other party has a high income or an economic margin, there may be a case where a further reward is incurred.
However, the biggest points that determine the amount of consolation are “the cause of divorce” and “the proportion of responsibility that created the cause”. It seems that there are many cases where the amount of money is extremely high for extremely malicious DV.
In the case of a divorce due to infidelity or cheating, the number and duration of unfaithfulness are also points to be discussed in determining the amount. And “revenue problems” will be a big problem in calculating the rewards.
Also, if it is judged that not only the affair of the wife but also the husband who requests a consolation has some sort of responsibility or cause, the amount tends to decrease significantly.
Even if the wife claims to have unilaterally affair, if the husband has abandoned the family, it cannot be said that “100% of the wife is bad”.
When a wife’s affair is discovered, if the husband has no cause and the affair leads to a unilateral divorce, the price of around 3 million yen is the best price.
However, it is a guideline when considering each other’s income as a general level. If the income is obviously low, it may be significantly below the market.
Of course, you can claim a reward for your wife’s affair.
How is it? Can you affirm that your wife is not affair?
It may be a little distracting to think about a consolation fee before divorce, but it will still make you feel better if you understand it than if you don’t know it.
The consolation fee is not just a matter of money exchange, it is a means of resetting necessary to move on to the next life.

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