Fatherless family

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Fatherless family


Fatherless family
Allowance and grant summary. Are there many unexpected support systems for single mothers?
Do you know that the number of mother and child families continues to increase?

According to data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau in 2010, the number of domestic single mothers is 1082,000.
The cause may be bereavement with a husband or unmarried childbirth, but 80% is due to divorce.
Divorce 870,000 people
Unmarried 130,000
Bereavement 78,000 people
In Japan today, one out of every three married couples is divorced. The number of single mothers continues to increase in proportion to the increase in the divorce rate.
As the data shows, even if the family is full of money now, I do not know when my husband and wife become suspicious and will develop into a divorce. Not everybody suddenly becomes a mother-child family one day.

Unfortunately, however, the current Japanese society is never tolerant of single mothers. It is true that there is unpredictable prejudice and discrimination.
In fact, there are many mother-child and father-and-child families who are facing economic difficult lives.
That is why the support system (safety net) of national and local governments is important.
Mother / child family life
The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare regularly conducts a questionnaire survey on the life of single mothers.
Looking at “support for single-parent families” announced in March 2014 reveals the actual life of mother and child families.
Main statistical data for single-parent families
[Exhibitor] http://www.mhlw.go.jp/bunya/kodomo/pdf/shien.pdf
The average income per household in Japan is 5.37 million yen.
(Announced by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in 2013) The average income of a single mother is 22.3 million yen, which is less than half. You can see that there are many households living in a difficult economy.
Let’s utilize support system of country and local government
The government and local governments provide various types of financial support for such an ever-growing mother and child family.
There are various support systems, but unfortunately, it seems not to be widely known.
Little is known about maternal and child family support systems
This column summarizes various financial support systems that are useful for mothers and their families.
Whether you are a single mother, a friend / acquaintance, or a single mother in your relatives, or “I mean, I ’m going to…”, I would definitely recommend it.
The support system will surely help your life.
Support system for single mothers established by national and local governments
The purpose of various support systems for single mothers is to “independence of mother and child family” and “protect the growth of children”. The contents and conditions of support vary depending on each prefecture, but basically the same idea.
If you go to a local government office, you will be kind and helpful. I want you to know that there is such a system to protect the lives of children.
Let’s see what kind of support is provided for single mothers.
Benefits and grants
Allowances and grants for mother and child families
Allowance refers to wages such as various expenses included in salary.
In addition, subsidies are money received from countries and local governments that do not require repayment unlike loans.
The allowances and subsidies mentioned here are money that the local community provides to support and support single mothers. Let’s look at various benefits and grants.
1 Child Rearing Allowance
Child rearing allowance is for child rearing. There are payment requirements, and the amount paid may vary depending on the region.
The maximum allowance of 40,000 yen or more may be paid, so be sure to apply.
Consultations and applications can be made at the welfare section in your area.
Number of children
Full payment (monthly)
Partial receipt (monthly)
One person 41,020 yen 41,010-9,680 yen
2 people 46,020 yen 46,010-9,680 yen
* 3,000 yen will be added for each additional child from the third person
2 Special child support allowance
This is a child support allowance that is provided for the purpose of promoting welfare for children under 20 years of age who have physical or mental disabilities.
The amount of the allowance depends on the grade of disability.
First grade: ¥ 50,750 / month
Second grade: ¥ 33,800 / month
3 Housing allowance
This is a subsidy system applied to single mothers raising children under the age of 20 who are paying a monthly rent of 10,000 yen or more.
It is a system that is judged by income, and not everyone can receive it. Check with the local welfare section in advance.
4 Livelihood protection
It is a system that supports people who are difficult to live on their own so that they can live on their own. We are paid based on welfare standard established in area.
However, if the household income exceeds the welfare standard amount, it cannot be received. Contact your local welfare office.
5 School support
As you know, tuition fees are free for elementary and junior high school compulsory education, but there are a variety of costs involved in attending school.
Each municipality has a school support system to support these costs. A certain amount of money is paid by applying to the school or local school board where you go to school.
<Type of assistance>
School supplies costs
School expenses
School trip expenses
Physical education equipment
School lunch fee
Medical bills
Out-of-school activity expenses
Tax reduction / tax reduction
Tax exemption / tax reduction for mother and child family
Reduction or exemption means reducing or exempting the fee that should be paid. In addition, tax reduction is to reduce the original tax amount.
There are many benefits to reducing the amount of money going out for mother and child families, such as discounts on transportation systems used on a daily basis and reductions in utility charges.
Let’s look at the support system for tax reduction and tax reduction.
6 National Pension / National Health Insurance
When working for a company, it is common to automatically join social insurance. However, part-time and part-time single mothers must pay a national pension.
The national pension may be reduced or exempted. However, please note that the annual amount received in the future will decrease.
National Health Insurance can be reduced or exempted for those who have low income or who have difficulty paying insurance premiums. Contact your local city.
7 Reduction of income tax and residence tax
Income tax and inhabitant tax paid to local municipalities are not small, so it is a big burden for single mothers.
There is a system that can reduce these taxes if your income is low. Contact your local welfare department.
8 Medical expenses subsidy system
This system supports medical issues that are indispensable for raising children.
Children can be received up to the age of 18, and the self-payment for insurance medical treatment such as hospitals and dispensing pharmacies will be free.
However, conditions vary depending on your income, so check with your local welfare department.
9 Childcare fee exemption / reduction
This is a system that allows childcare fees to be exempted or reduced. It seems that there are many cases where the amount of money reduced depends on the annual income. Contact your local government office.
10 Public housing
This is a priority residence system for public housing for single mothers who have difficulty living. Depending on the region, there are no priority occupancy, and there are cases where the waiting order and lottery will be as usual.
Contact your welfare department.
11 Transportation discounts
It is a system to support the use of transportation such as discounts on commuter pass purchases and free bus and train fees. Discount rates and conditions vary by region.
Contact your local transportation system.
12 Discount on water charges
It is a system established by the local water and sewage department. We support single mothers’ lives, such as exemption from the full amount of water charges and allowances for significant discounts.
There seems to be some municipalities that do not have a system in some regions. Let’s check with the Waterworks Bureau.
13 Reduction / exemption of oversized waste disposal fee
This is a system to reduce the processing fee for bulky waste.
Check with the municipal waste counter.
Lending and interest incentives
Lending and interest preferential treatment for mother and child family
When a child completes compulsory education and goes on to high school or university, a large expense is required.
In addition, a large amount of money is also required for business funds and skill acquisition for the mother to fulfill her dreams.
In such a case, you can borrow on favorable terms if you use a loan to support the mother and child family. You can also receive interest exemption and high interest on time deposits.
14 Maternal and child welfare fund loan
This is a loan system for single mothers raising children under the age of 20.
A loan system to promote the economic independence of mothers and the welfare of children.
You can borrow from a public institution with no interest or low interest.
Since repayment plans are assembled according to income and living conditions, consideration is given to reducing the burden as much as possible.
In addition, the type of loan varies depending on the local government, so it is necessary to contact the Welfare Division.
<Loan type>
Business start funds (equipment / material purchase funds required for business start)
Business continuity fund (business working capital)
Study funds (funds for enrollment in high school, university, vocational school)
Training funds (starting children’s business, acquiring employment skills)
Skill acquisition fund (Mother’s employment skill acquisition)
Employment preparation funds (mother, child purchases necessary for employment, etc.)
Medical care funds (money and care for mothers and children)
Living funds (funds necessary to maintain a living)
Housing funds (funds necessary for repairing, expanding and renovating houses)
Relocation funds (such as security deposits and rent at the time of rent)
Marriage funds (funds necessary for children’s marriage)
15 Deposit interest exemption system
This is a system in which interest is exempted from deposits up to ¥ 3.5 million principal.
It is a system called Maru Yuu in general. Contact your financial institution.
16 Welfare time deposit
It is a system that allows you to receive interest higher than usual with a time deposit that can be used by disabled basic pension and survivor basic pensioners.
Japan Post Bank’s “New Welfare Time Deposit” is famous.
Supplementary award for divorce
It may be better to resolve divorce payments, childcare charges, custody issues, etc. before submitting a lot of support system procedures and applications.
However, you may not be satisfied with your daily life because you are busy and you cannot negotiate enough.
In such cases, we recommend that you ask a lawyer who is strong in divorce issues.

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