30% of women are DV victims! Run into DV Shelter

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30% of women are DV victims! Run into DV Shelter

30% of women are DV victims! Run into DV Shelter
How to escape from husband’s violence
Speaking of the Edo era, we were still in the midst of a male-female society, and with regard to marriage, men could easily be divorced simply by striking women with “Mikarihan”.

Three-and-a-half is a divorce with a reason for divorce about half of a half-sheet, but for men who can not write letters that were not unusual at that time, the document “ Effective even with documents that draw a line of three and a half ” It was a crappy rule.
However, even in such an era, there was a rule for women who wanted to get divorced, and it was a thing that “divorce is possible if you escape to Enkiri Temple”.
Enkiri-ji, which was certified by the shogunate in the Kanto region, is Tokei-ji in Kamakura and Mantoku-ji in Gunma, where a woman who decided to divorce rushes into this area, and if the temple grants protection, a divorce negotiation can be promoted by the temple’s efforts is.

This is a modern version of DV Shelter
A woman who is even in danger of life due to repeated violence from her husband is always there.
When Japan was once an uneven society, when Danna began to run wild and rampage, people in the neighborhood could stop or the face in the town would preach to Danna, preventing the problem from becoming serious. I was there.
However, in the present age when the nuclear family has become more advanced and communication with the neighborhood has become scarce, there are almost no people who take care of family issues, and modern women are independent on the violence that blows into the family. I had to face up.
Certainly women are said to have become stronger, but not all women have become stronger, and when it comes to violent conflict, men will still be overwhelmingly advantageous.
A survey by the Cabinet Office revealed on the 20th that 30% of women experienced domestic violence (DV) suffering assault and mental harassment from their husbands. It turns out that 40% of women who suffered from DV did not consult anyone. The Cabinet Office is considering strengthening public relations for support activities and increasing the number of consultation desks.
From such a background, the “DV shelter” has become popular in recent years.
DV husbands can not talk even if they want to divorce, and even if they escape to their parents’ home or acquaintances, they are taken back. Protects women who are in danger of being killed if they remain, while lawyers and agents negotiate divorce with DV husbands.
The DV shelter is a modern version of Enji-ji. This is a so-called evacuation site.
A DV shelter is a facility that isolates and protects victims of domestic violence (DV) or gender violence (GV) from their spouses. The name DV shelter has recently become known, but there is a long history of activities to rescue the vulnerable, like the so-called run-in temple.
It is a system that we would like to use for women suffering from DV, but the reception desk for DV shelters is not well known.
Reasons why DV shelter reception desks are not widely known
The consultation desk for DV shelters is not well known … or the organization that operates the shelters is not actively promoting public relations. It is not uncommon for even a governing body that does not disclose its address.
It is said that the reason why the DV shelter management organization does not actively open the reception desk is to prevent the DV husband from locating.
Entering a DV shelter is the same as a wife suddenly running away. DV husbands, who tend to have a strong desire to control, often seem to try to find whereabouts of their wives who have run out of stalks and stalked and fled, and not to give any information to those chasers. The DV shelter does not open the window directly.
How can I get into a DV shelter?
The question is what to do if you want to run into such a DV shelter.
There is a way to consult a welfare office, but the quickest way is to consult the police.
If you ask the police station to protect you along with material evidence that proves you are at risk of life after receiving DV (things that recorded the fight, photos of the place where you were injured, etc.) He / she introduces DV shelter through NPO.
However, in this case, if you run into the police, you may be taken to a DV shelter.
Bring the minimum necessary items for your daily life, such as bank passbooks, mobile phones, or insurance cards.
If you are violent enough to feel the danger of life, don’t hesitate to enter the DV shelter.

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